About Us

Company Overview

The obstacles to providing the best products are many.  Let the Center help you find the way to success.

We develop unique information systems, customized approaches and novel strategies that identify and compare the value of pharmaceuticals, devices and medical interventions.

Let us help you provide the best care with the highest value.

How We Do It

Disabilities with associated pain and suffering can be quantified with patient preferences.  As well, it is one of the Center’s priorities to provide objective data defining disabilities for patients through the Disability Index.

Value-Based Medicine®

Value-Based Medicine® (VBM) originated at The Center for Value-Based Medicine in 2001.

The cornerstone of VBM is to provide access to information that uses the best medical scientific data and merges it with quality-of-life measurements obtained using standardized methodology.  The adverse events associated with care are integrated into the patient benefit equation.

The treatments providing the highest quality of care can be further amalgamated with treatment costs to assess the best financial value.

Client Experience

The Center works with pharmaceutical, biotech and device companies to demonstrate value of their products. Our client experience spans world-wide large capitalized companies complete with multiples of products to start-ups with a single focus of research.

Our lasting relationships with big and small industry, research and academic institutions across the globe, managed care organizations and healthcare providers enable the Center to propel our clients down the path of success.

Frequently Asked Questions

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