Legal Strategies & Disability Measurement

Pain and Suffering Index

The “Pain and Suffering” Index is a ground-breaking new tool that uses well-established healthcare research methods to numerically quantify quality-of-life loss or “pain and suffering” resulting from personal injury.

Takes Into Account All Injury Parameters

Loss of personal esteem, loss of life’s pleasures and emotional distress are included in the Index.

Quantifiable & Reproducible

The Pain and Suffering Index convert a heretofore nebulous and highly subjective concept to one that is numerically quantifiable and highly reproducible using well-established scientific methods.  The Quality-of-Life Utility Database forms the basis for accurate, standardized determinations.

Uses data from individuals with similar (disabled) health states...outside the courtroom environment.

The Pain and Suffering Index will identify frivolous personal injury torts and facilitate the earlier settlement of personal injury tort cases progressing to trial.  It also identifies more serious injuries.